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About our Rooted in Wellness Program

Beauty's Community Garden's Rooted in Wellness program, explores innovative ways to include healthy food alternatives from the garden. Each program highlights a specific food, meal, and their nutritional connection to our bodies. We know that our diet is often handed down through generations and holds many memories and cultural significances. Our program’s goal is to introduce you to alternative ingredients that put a healthy twist on your favorite foods. We believe you will leave with your mouth watering and excited to try new ingredients and recipes.

    program details

Usually held quarterly on a Saturday throughout the year.  sometimes classes are part of a larger event, and sometimes given as a stand alone class.

At Beauty's Community Garden ~ 3201 Airline Drive, Houston, TX 77022

Determined per class. Usually 9am-11am

Rooted in Wellness Classes are $10.00 to the public with signup.  Sign up for three classes and the fourth class is FREE. We offer scholarships if you are interested email [email protected].

Each program has limited space to sign up. Note: We prepare for each participant who signs up to attend the Rooted in Wellness Program.

There are lots of ways to support our cooking health programs. Consider being a volunteer, sponsor, partner, chef, special topic instructor, and donor. 

2023 Rooted in Wellness Programs

First Class in the Garden to Table Series:
The Kale Wrap: Lunch on the Go - Demo & Tasting 

Saturday, March 18, 2023, from 9AM to 11AM..  For more information and to RSVP, Clik button to access Event Page.on our site.

    you'll experience

  • new plant-based foods that put a healthy twist on the recipes you love
  • how to prepare new recipes with ingredients from the garden
  • the nutritional value of ingredients pulled from the garden.
  • how these ingredients positively impact your physical and mental health and wellbeing.
  • being in-tuned with the best time to eat for the best impact
  • a bit about the ingredients, where they originated from and how they are used in other cultures.


“Chef Irene Carrion created a taco with okra, a vegetable I don’t usually like. I was really surprised the taco was really good.”

Henry Forte’


A program is only as good as the impact people feel in their lives. Impact is energy in action that results in a transformative change. Through our Rooted in Wellness programs we are committed to tracking your feedback and making sure everyone’s numbers are counted.


No, of Rooted in Wellness class participants


Including new healthy recipes into their diets


Starting using new veggies, fruits and herbs in diet


Using plant-based ingredients to lower salt intake


% of youth & adults with medical issues

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