About Us


To close the gap on food inequities and achieve a community culture of health and wellbeing


A healthy thriving community empowered and self-reliant with the knowledge to produce their own food source and make healthy choices.

Our Story

Beauty’s Community Garden is located in Independence Heights–the first African American municipality in Texas, and one of 40 food deserts in Houston.

Yvette Leno inherited the property from her grandparents Ernest and Beauty Leno who purchased the land in 1926. In 1991 the family homestead was destroyed. In 2012, Yvette repurposed the land into a community garden that she named after her grandmother “Beauty.”


Our Garden Space

Today Beauty’s Community Garden is growing into the vision Yvette imagined, a place for community members to come together to access and learn about healthy whole foods they can plant. The garden is a natural place to plant roots and make connections to the benefits of choosing healthy foods, learning about nutrition, and its impact on a person’s physical and mental wellbeing.

Beauty's Community Garden runs over 6,000 square feet, with a 20 ft container. The garden features a variety of fresh produce, herbs, and community connected spaces where between 10-15 volunteers support the garden weekly.

Impact Taking Root

We provide community service hours and hands-on gardening clinics with our community partners, schools, community groups, and businesses.connected spaces where between 10-15 volunteers support the garden weekly.

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From the Beginning

We've  distributed more than 3,500 pounds of fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

Produce Donation

We bring access to healthy plant-based foods to our seniors, and provide for our garden visitors as the harvest allows.

Healthy Cooking Demos

We’ve conducted over 80 hands-on gardening classes, healthy cooking demos and nutrition classes.

Farmers Market

We bring fresh veggies, fruit and herbs from the garden to the Acres Homes Farmer's Market.

Our Core Values

Community Sustainability

Promote the preservation of the character, history, and community culture. Support values that uplift and promote a community that  thrives.


We value caring, respecting, and responding to the individual needs of our community through our gardening and support programs.


We're rooting for you, to insure you achieve the best today and tomorrow. We teach and serve you with fresh produce using sustainable food production methods.


We foster a welcome atmosphere for cultural bridge building. We set our table with an eye on finding connections through exploring and celebrating the many food choices in our cultures.


We bring transparency regarding our food growing methods and to our responsibility and stewardship to our supporters, donors, and sponsors

Meet the Team

Everything Beauty's Community Garden has been able to provide and acomplish has been through the dedication of our volunteers. Beauty's Community Garden is currently 100% volunteer led. We are working to change that, so we can provide a stronger sustainable organization. Please consider that as you review the different program and event participation opportunities.
Yvette Leno

Founder & Director

I am driving by love of my community. I am blessed and privileged to use the ground from my heritage to sow seeds that provide access to healthy fresh food, a basic human right.

Philippa Johnstone

Garden Co-Lead & Instructor

As a certified permaculturalist, I love exposing our youth and volunteers to the garden--as a renewable natural resource that is part of a larger ecosystem. Their excitment is contageous.

Sam Nuckols

Garden Co-Lead & Tech Advisor

As a technical Advisor, I specialize in developing the best practices for the garden's maintenance and align resources to maximize the potential of the garden.

Reid Turner

Outreach & Logistics

As a graduate in Agriculture Business Technology, I participate in the logistics around our farmer's market participation and develop opportunities for the Garden.

Tera Coffee

Strategic Planning

I love connecting opportunities with programs. I specialize in  organizational development, grant writing, and funding opportunities that connect to the  garden's strategic direction.

Tangie Cooper

Organization CPA

As owner of Tangie R. Cooper CPA, Inc, I use my skill to give back to the Beauty's Community Garden Organization because it represents a worthy cause that is making a differnce.

Our Partners

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