Advertising for Sponsors

Advertising for a Cause is a great way to promote your brand loyalty!

Pkg Hdr ‘Unleashing the Power of Green’

Congratulations As a benefit, you'll receive advertising space based on the level of your sponsorship.  Your ad space will be part of our printed programs and handouts passed out throughout the year to attendees who sign up for our year-round programs and events. This includes the printed program at Beauty's Community Garden’s 8th Annual MLK PEACE through PIE Event & Fundraiser, to be held on Saturday, January 13, 2024. This event has upward of 300+ attendees.

Below is information on the true value of your ad space. Once you are ready to submit your ad layout, use the form below and upload your file. Please make sure your advertising dimension corresponds to your sponsorship support level.  Details on file size, format and information is below.

Program Sample

Here is an Advertising example: Each participant who signs up for our Healthy Cooking programs receives a printed program with information about the ingredients, the recipes, preparation tips, and the health benefits of the ingredients, Also included is instructor, sponsors and supporter's information. Your ad will be part of this handout. Your advertising size will be part of the program or handout materials passed out at each Year-Round Garden or Cooking Healthy Programs. Programs dimensions are based on paper dimension 11" x 8.5 (horizontal) folded in half. All handouts or insert are based on letter size dimensions. 


Advertising Color and File Requirements

Artwork (color or black & white) should be High Resolution: 300 DPI, in format(s) .JPEG .PNG, For inserts a PDF (files should be no larger than 10mb)

Advertising Sponsorship Deliverables

The charts below provide the ad size for your Sponsorship level.

WEB-Ad Main & Program Deliverables-1000x500.
WEB-Ad Garden Zones Deliverables-1000x500

Form to Submit your Sponsorship Advertising Layout

Complete the form below, including uploading your ad layout.

"*" indicates required fields

Main Contact for Advertising Submission*
This first section is about the main contact person who will be in contact with if we have questions?
Contact Name*
If you are a Business, please put the business name you are representing in this field. if you are not a business, go onto the next field.

#1. AD. Type & Deliverables

Below are the various Sponsorship levels. Go to the Sponsorship type and level you've committed to and click the box. The ad size will be associated with your choice. At the ed of the form is a place for you to Upload your advertising, insert, etc.
Advertising for MAIN Organization Sponsorship
Below is a list of the Main Organization Sponsorship levels and their matching advertising deliverables.
Advertising for Year-Round PROGRAM Sponsorship
Below is a list of the Year-Round Program Sponsorship levels and their matching advertising deliverables
Advertising deliverable: 2 Pages (Center spread) or 1 letter size Insert
Advertising deliverable: 1 Page
Advertising deliverable: 1/2 Page
Advertising deliverable: 1/4 Page

#2 Your Marketing Information

The information and files you provide in this section help us to accurately promote your support by the Garden's Opportunity Zone, Print Advertising, and through our website and social media.
This field is for the Business Name promoted as sponsor. If the name is the same as the contact person, put that full name in this field.
What email do you want to promote to the public? This filed is mandatory for a business
For a business this is a mandatory field.
This is only a mandatory field. If you want to promote your physical location.
Please provide a brief paragraph about your business. This information will be avaibale for patrons to see as they enter the garden. We've provided 1000 Characters
Please provide a brief paragraph about why you chose to support Beauty's Community Garden. This field is not mandatory.

#5 AD Uploads

We want to let everyone know about your support. We know your support is crucial to the success of the garden to provide the vision we have for it. This is where you provide us with a good quality logo, graphics promotions, and for some even a profile picture. Help us market you and your business.
Use this section to upload your ads, logos, and profile pictures. in graphic imagery (logos) should be in a .png format; profile and photo images should be in a .jpg format. You can upload multiple images.
Drop files here or
Accepted file types: jpg, png, pdf, Max. file size: 100 MB.