"Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?'"  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

What Support and Participation Looks Like
Why it matters to Beauty's Community Garden as a 501(c)3 NonProfit

As we level up our organization's programs and services, we recognize the importance of providing a clear link to how you can support our organization and programs and how your support and participation are fundamental to our sustainability as an organization.  Contrary to popular belief, Beauty's Community Garden, like most nonprofits as you will see below, is not supported primarily by donations. Below is a percentage of the various sectors that align with our participation and support model. (via Independent Sector’s Civil Society for the 21st Century)

Support coming from fees, programs, goods, services
Support coming from goverment (example grants)
Support coming from philanthropic donations
Support coming from Investment and other sources


As you consider how you want to participate, We would like to share a few numbers that illustrate nonprofit support and participation throughout the U.S. The figures below provide an overview of the characteristics of a Nonprofit 501(c)3 organization as stated by the Council of Nonprofits.


The number of
501(c)3 nonprofits in the U.S. (via Council of


The number of people who volunteer with a nonprofit (2018) (via


The number of people who donated to a U.S. charity (2019) (via the Independent Sector)


Yes, billion the value of volunteer hours contributed  (2016) (via the Urban Institute)

Ways to Support and Participate
with Beauty's Community Garden


Allows us to plan and be sustainable knowing we have things covered.

Beauty's Community Garden provides the opportunity for you to show your support by donating to the Garden's main organization fund through our main donations page. Donations that come from our main fund are directed toward our specific areas of need. You can also donate to a specific program or event by going to the program or event listing pages. If you wish to discuss a more substantial donation, please email us at [email protected]. All checks should be made payable to Beautys Corporation, Mailing address: 3201 North Airline Drive. Houston, TX 77022. We will provide a return receipt for your tax records.


Promote your business while supporting the Cause.

For each program and event, we offer advertising in printed material that gets handed out at each event.  This is a great way to get your business name out while showing you support for the cause of the organization. Look to each program for opportunities to promote your business.  Click the button below for advertising opportunities available to broader your exposure.


Your ideas, results, and your feedback supports our impact and the cause.

Getting on our mailing list assures you stay connected and informed, but it's also reciprocal. We will reach out from time to time to get your feedback, poll your thought and ideas, and find out what you need most, to make Beauty's Community Garden a meaningful and impactful relationship in your life.


Help to multiple impacts and share in the cause.

Are you a community partner?  Consider you have a shared mission and interest and can see partnering on a program or event makes sense.  Whether you see partnering at a higher level to provide support at the organization level, or on a specific program and event we are interested in talking.


 Let's Go Social - Spread the Word 

Sharing is more than social media, although that is important.  Our mission becomes a success the more we get the word out and people want to participate in our programs and events. Root-level changes happen when more people connect and engage. Let us know how you want to share.


Makes our programs and events possible for the cause.

Beautys' Community Garden's ability to make the impact is done is due to support from sponsors.  When you come on Fall of 2023 through our Unleashing the Power of Green Campaign you help support the organization, its Garden and Cooking Healthy programs, our ability to keep the garden providing sustainable produce to provide to the community and more. We provide four ways to sponsor our: Organization, Year-round Garden & Cooking Healthy programs, Garden Opportunity Empowerment Zones, and as an Underwriter providing a much needed service needed. We match the needs of our organization in exchange for providing you access, exposure, participation, and promotion.  Click button below to Sponsorship page with all the details, signups and the sponsorship package.


The roots that connect to everything

Like most nonprofits, we depend on our volunteers.  They help in all aspects of our organization and are a large part of the glue that keeps us together.  Our garden volunteers say it makes them happy to work together for a common purpose, work on projects that increase their self-confidence, and for those garden volunteers, be in e a stress-free space to enjoy getting their hands into the dirt.

If you have an interest and/or skill set (Instructor, Laborer, Garden Support, Handyman/woman, etc.), please click the link below and complete our contact form.