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"Life's most persistent and urgent question is,
'What are you doing for others?''

Martin Luther King Jr.

We are thrilled!

you see the value in one of this year's 'Unleash the Power of Green' Sponsorships. Your support provides you with year-round promotion and exposure, because much of what we do extends beyond the physical walls of Beauty's Community Garden. That means you'll reach a lot of eyeballs.

We encourage you to explore the sponsorship opportunities, and the many ways we make sure your brand and name get recognized for your support toward our mission. 

In some cases we have In-Kind sponsorship too. An In-Kind Sponsorship is basically a 'barter.' your business providing a product or service in exchange for marketing and exposure. With that in mind, there are several opportunities to be an In-Kind sponsor for either the Program sponsorship category or the Garden Opportunity Empowerment Zones category.

Click the button's below to access dedicated pages to each sponsorship opportunity.  With each sponsorship type there is a form to confirm your commitment, confirm your marketing information, and an additional link to confirm and submit your advertising, and the option to submit sponsorship payment.

Sponsorship Opportunities

With Your Help, Possibilities are Endless!

Click each Sponsorship below to see the many impact opportunities, levels, and the deliverables you'll receive for your support.

MAIN Organization Sponsorship is a financial contribution directed to the entire Beauty's Community Garden Organization. Funds can be used toward anything that helps the organization meet its mission. This sponsorship receives substantial recognition at the garden, on-line and in print. For details click the button above.

A Year-Round PROGRAM Sponsorship is a financial contribution directed exclusively to programs provided throughout the year by Beauty's Community Garden. These funds are the foundation to our ability to provide value to our constituents. This sponsorship receives printed program and online recognition and more. For details click the button above.

We've identified 13 Opportunity Empowerment Zones to be completed and/or renovated in throughout the garden. Each zone has a financial need to complete. The financial contribution will go toward the zone sponsored. Sponsors will receive signage at the garden in the zone, as well as online recognition and more. For details click the button above.

This sponsorship opportunity positions you to receive the benefits of sponsorship based on your business providing the service or product instead of a monetary contribution. Being an In-Kind Sponsor may meet your need. Click the button above to connect to all the In-Kind sponsorship opportunities we've identified.

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2024 Sponsorship Package

To view or download the full 2024 sponsorship package click this link.

Why the Value you Give is Bigger than your Sponsorship Support

Since its establishment in 2012

Beauty’s Community Garden has been committed to the preservation of the community it serves by being a leader in improving the health and wellbeing of its community members, and the larger Houston community. Beauty’s Community Garden is located in Independent Heights, one of 40+ food desert communities in Houston.  committed to nurturing and empowering a community to improve their access to healthy foods.


What is a Food Desert?

Limited Access to Fresh Produce

A community with limited access to fresh produce, as a result of living more than mile away from a supermarket. This is challenging for those with poor transportation.

Higher Access to Unhealthy Food

A community dense with fast food restaurants and convenience stores, resulting in residents making unhealthy food choices and choosing diets heavy in process foods, salt, sugar and fat.

Food desert communities, like Independent Heights, where Beauty's Community Garden is located, have higher rates of


Sugar Diabetes

130M adults live with diabetes or pre-diabetes in the U.S.
(CDC 2022 Natl Diabetes Rpt.)


Heart Disease

At (43%) and the No. 1  leading cause of death in the U.S.
(Source: 2019 AHA)



41.9% of individuals in the U.S. are affected by Obesity (2017-2018)
(Source US News)

We are Closing the Equity Gap on Food Desert Communities like Independent Heights where Beauty's Community Garden resides. 

We are planting seeds that right the wrongs that have perpetuated systemic structures of inequities in Food Desert Communities. Our goal is to disrupt the generational legacy of disease and poor health on people who live in these communities by:

  • Providing Garden Education as a path to food access.
  • Utilizing Nutrition Education to increase community knowledge around the benefits of a diet that includes fresh produce.
  • Expanding Garden, Nutrition and Health Education to Food Desert Communities through the Green Seedling Magazine via schools, community centers, and businesses.
  • Reducing Disease and Poor Health outcomes due to Inadequate Nutrition.
  • Increasing fresh food access and supply within the Independence Heights and other food desert communities.
  • Continuing to improve Beauty's Community Garden as a functioning and beautiful garden space.
  • Creating a model educational garden and community gathering space at Beauty's Community Garden

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  • Garden Address

    3201 Airline Drive, Houston,
    Texas, 77022  USA

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  • Legal Business Name & EIN #

    Beauty's Community Corporation - Nonprofit 501(c)(3)
    EIN # 82-1939616

  • Garden Mailing Address

    3201 Airline Drive, Houston,
    Texas, 77022  USA

  • Email Contact

    Contact Yvette Leno:  [email protected]

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    To make sponsorship payment click this link.