Garden Opportunity Enrichment Zones

Garden Opportunity Enrichment Zones

Support the Beauty's Community Garden Organization

Be an In-Kind Sponsor

What better place to start creating the experience we all imagine, then right here at Beauty's Community Garden.


An In-Kind Sponsor is a  business or individual interests in providing a product or service instead of a monetary contribution. In-Kind support is a large part of the Garden's success.


If you see an In-Kind Opportunities that you'd like to provide, please fill out the form below.  The information we collect about you and your business will help us accurately market your support. 

In-Kind Opportunities

5-BCG-InKind-Sponsorship-WEB CONTENT
6-BCG-InKind-Sponsorship-SOCIAL MEDIA - ONLINE
8-BCG-InKind-Sponsorship-AUDIO VISUAL
9-BCG-InKind-Sponsorship-GARDEN design&logistics
16-BCG-InKind-Sponsorship-BRAND WEAR
17-BCG-InKind-Sponsorship-PRIZES & REWARDS

Your In-Kind Support Comes With Benefits

For your In-Kind Support you'll receive.

  • Advertising

    Listing in year-round programs with web or phone info. Depending on size of in-Kind service may be eligible for ad space.

  • Recognition

    Recognition on Beauty's Community Garden's Website as an In-Kind Sponsor for product or service provided.

  • Support Wall

    Name on Beauty's Community Garden's Support wall at the Garden.

  • Exposure

    Listing on back of Beauty's Community Garden T-shirt Name or Logo based on level of In-Kind Contribution.

Interest Form 

Below for In-Kind Product or Support Contribution