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About the Green Seedling Magazine

The Green Seedling Magazine was created, as part of a two year (9/21 - 9/23) grant project, supporting the Acres Homes Community in Houston Texas. This grant was part of a Be Well™ Acres Homes initiative of The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, and was developed and produced by Leslie Mattison under the PVAMU's fiscal sponsorship, on behalf of Beauty's Community Garden and its Community Partner Organization, PEACE through PIE.

The magazine's purpose focused on Beauty's mission to address communities with limited access to fresh plant-based foods, and the resulting health disparities because of diet. The magazine helps to bridge the gap, in food access and health, by empowering the reader on how to grow and eat foods that promote health and wellbeing.

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Although the grant is over, you can still gain access to each Green Seedling Magazine issue. Just complete the form below to receive an email with all the links to each digital issue.  Enjoy 🙂

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Made Possible By

  • logo Beauty Community Garden

    Beauty's Community Garden

    Mission - To close the gap on food inequities and achieve a community culture of health and wellbeing.  Vision - A healthy, thriving community empowered and self-reliant with the knowledge to produce their own food source and make healthy choices.

  • PEACE through PIE logo

    PEACE through PIE

    A nation-wide organization, with a mission to make a root level equity impact through exposure, education, and empowerment. 

  • PVAMU logo 360x360-profile

    Prairie View A&M University (PVAMU)

    PVAMU College of Agriculture and Human Sciences Cooperative Extension Program is addressing the socioeconomic disparities associated with healthy eating in rural and urban areas, by implementing community gardens and nutritional educational programs.

  • Be Well™Acres Homes

    Be Well Communities™ is MD Anderson’s signature place-based approach for cancer prevention and control, working with communities to promote wellness and address modifiable risk factors for cancer. Be Well Acres Homes is a community-driven, evidence-based approach to reduce health inequities through sustained cross-sector partnerships.

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