Program & Event Development Form

JAN 1, 2024 - DEC 31, 2024

Program & Event Development Form

We are excited that you are interested in supporting Beauty's Community Garden. Your expertise brings credibility and authority to our programs that participants appreciate


No one knows you, or your business like you, and we want to make sure we have accurate information on your proposal, and the promotion to you and or the business.


Feel free to complete any of the fields, in the form below. that you'd like us to reference in our print and online marketing.  Note, we've also provided space to upload a profile picture, logo, or document(s).

FORM Program / Event Development

This form should be used to collate all of the information needed to describe the: 1) Details of the program or event proposed, enough to have content to maximize its exposure. 2) Identify the main Instructor, Facilitator, or Speaker for the proposed project/event. 3) Collect the business, org, or individual entity information to assure accuracy, and maximum exposure and engagement.

"*" indicates required fields


This form provides fields that frame information needed to promote and market each project, class, workshop, etc.and the person and business delivering the material
Choose ONE main Program Category
Choose ONE Topic Focus
What is the main focus of this program or event.
Name of the program, event, workshop, class, etc.
A short phrase that provides additional details.
Post date of program or proposed dates.
What's the program length. Ex: 12-12:30pm (30min).
What's the best age range for this program:
Describe this program's general concept. The information will be used to market the program.
Describe the general goal of this program. This information will be used to market the program.
This information helps Beauty's Community Garden know what materials and environment is needed to support the class.

List 5 Learning Outcomes

these will be listed as part of our Marking the program/event.


What type of Contributor are you?
What's Your Role?
Contact Name*
This contact is the person that will be our main contact affiliated with the program.
Communication Preference
We use this


This section focuses on the main role of the main person, business, organization or institution that will be marketed in connection with this program or event.
This field is for the name of (business or individual) that will be listed as the provider of the service(s).
This field is for the full names of those who will be assisting you with class instruction. If none, type none in the field.
This is an optional field.
What email do you want to promote to the public?
Provide the link you'll like visitors to to the website that you'll like
Company Address (Location of Business)
Provide a brief paragraph about what you want to promote about the company.
Upload your artwork (.pdf, jpg, jpeg, png). Use this section to upload handouts, logos, profile pictures, or ads. Artwork should be high resolution: 300 DPI: Profile pictures - 400x400 JPEG, JPG format - Graphics (logos): 200x200 .PNG format. Handouts / recipe's will probably be in .PDF format
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