Beauty's Community Garden's projects are integral and support our mission. Many of the projects below interconnect with each other, furthering our wholistic approach.
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    Cooking Healthy

    This program is usually given on a quarterly basis, with special topic classes announced throughout the year. Each class explores innovative ways to cook healthy, spruce up your favorite foods, especially those traditional dishes passed down through the generations. This class is also an opportunity to grow your knowledge base around the nutritional benefits of these new plant-based ingredients. 

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    Sowing & Reaping

    This is a garden program focused on the physical components of the garden and how to sow, care, and reap the plants. In addition to the  'tending-the-garden' volunteer opportunities--usually Saturdays--we also have Workshops throughout the spring, summer, fall and winter to support the seeds of the season, and topical garden focused projects to augment learning. For more details about the program click the button below.

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    Garden Education - Adult

    This project highlights several topical garden-to-health programs through the year. Each class goes one step further than giving food away. The classes empower participants to be their own food source–a root level impact to reduce food Insecurity. You’ll learn how, when, and what foods can thrive in your garden space.

    Starting October 1, 2022, Beauty's Community Garden is offering a 6-week course facilitated by Texas A&M AgriLife Extension. For details click the button below.

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    Garden Education - Youth

    This youth-focused project highlights several topical garden-to-health programs throughout the year. These programs are designed to nurture strong connections between the living plant-based foods we grow and their unique benefits to our body, wellbeing, and life. Students learn how, when, and what foods thrive in certain environments. This program is customized to reinforce real-world in-school skill development and subjects. Special topic programs will be announced and open to the public. 

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    Food Desert to Beauty

    This project centers around growing and creating a holistic garden experience. Through a garden and nutrition lens, we are addressing the root causes to HEALTH. Beauty's Community Garden, with community partners, is developing projects focused on expanding access and education, while promoting pride of community.

    Food desert communities, like Independent Heights, where Beauty's Community Garden resides, have higher rates of sugar diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, and heart disease. Do you know Why?  Major contributors to these results include limited access to a grocery store with fresh fruits and vegetables in the community, a higher per capita of convenience stores and fast food restaurants that contribute to a diet high in salt, sugar, and processed foods.

    This Food Desert to Beauty project currently has three primary areas of support:

    • Enrichment to Beauty's Community Garden takes place in one of 40+ food deserts in Houston alone. Our vision is to create our community space to support our wholistic vision for the garden.  
    • The Green Seedling Magazine - A quarterly fun-filled, STEAM educational magazine for the whole family. The magazine focuses on becoming your own food source while experiencing the feel-good advantages of a diet filled with plant-based foods. Get a digital copy by completing our Green Seedling Insider form here.
    • We've joined forces with Prairie View A&M University and UTHealth on a project supporting Acres Homes, another food desert community. In this project, we create and improve community gardens in schools and public spaces. As part of this garden program, we also support 6-8 week quarterly classes by providing instruction. Volunteers are able to participate in this project when gardens are in public spaces.
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    Historic & Cultural Roots

    This project uses the garden and our community to celebrate, educate and explore the unique and rich history and culture of the Independent Heights district. Did you know that Independent Heights was the 1st African American Municipality in Texas?

    This program focuses on events and experiences that expand our lens, with a goal to uncover true back stories, framing what we think we know today around our local history, culture, ethnicity, and the people who have contributed to our community.

    Some of the events and programs under this Historic & Cultural Roots project are: Beauty's Community Garden's Annual PEACE through PIE Community Event & Fundraiser slated for Saturday, January 14, 2023. 

    Future programs slated throughout the year are: Black History Month programming in February. and Juneteenth celebration in June.