Sowing & Reaping

"You must give to get. You must sow the seed before you can reap the harvest."  -- Scott Reed

Sowing & Reaping

Our Sustainable Urban Farming Program

Beauty's Community Garden's Sowing & Reaping program focuses on the fundamentals of sustainable urban farming while sharing resources with aspiring gardeners. Starting with the complex, underground world of soil, we focus on nurturing plants with an ecological approach. At Beauty’s Community Garden, we don’t just grow food, we cultivate biodiversity, protect our precious resources, and nourish the earth that feeds us. The garden is an ecosystem, and as farmers, it is our job to learn and practice our role within it. Whether you volunteer or sign up for a gardening class, you'll get hands-on experience and grow with us!

you'll experience

  • Best plant variety for Houston's climate
  • Propagating methods of seeds, transplants, and cuttings
  • Soil and bed preparation
  • Horticultural practices such as pruning and harvesting
  • Ecological pest management
  • Vegetable fruit, and herb production

Two ways to get your hands in the dirt!

Tending the Garden


Tending the Garden - Our Volunteer @ the Garden Program

Tending the Garden is our year-round volunteer at the garden program - usually on Saturdays. Volunteers are at the heart of what we do, and it takes each and every hand to successfully care for the plants through the seasons. Beauty's Community Garden doesn't rent out our plots, we instead share with anyone who tends the soil with us. The garden is located at, 3201 Airline Drive, Houston, TX. As an Urban Harvest Affiliate Garden we use their VOMO platform for all Saturday and special garden event volunteer signups.  Check out the volunteer button below to signup for a volunteer Saturday.

Before signing up to volunteer, make sure you review on our portal for the...

  • listings of all open volunteer dates, and the number of volunteers needed
  • details about what you should bring for your safety and care, and what you'll be provided
  • listing of release and liability forms that are required to volunteer
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Garden Workshops

Quarterly + Dates/Times TBD

Garden Workshops are our year-round, monthly specialty programs.  These hand's on workshop are usually held on Saturdays at the Garden, located at 3201 Airline Drive, Houston, TX, or on a off-site location. The program times are based on each workshop's focus, and will be determined per event. Each workshop event has a dedicated Eventbrite event page to signup. Check out the current listings of workshops on our event's page

The Garden Workshops range in cost from free to $10, and are open to those who sign up. A free class is given to participants who sign up for three classes. 

Each Garden Workshop program has limited space. Note: We prepare and provide materials for each participant. Many of the workshops provide plants and product to be sent home with you. With that in mind, please be considerate when taking a place and signing up.

There are lots of ways to support our Garden Workshops. Consider being a volunteer, sponsor, partner, a special topic instructor. SHARE the Word.


A program is only as good as the impact people feel in their lives. Impact is energy in action. Through our Sowing & Reaping program we are committed to tracking your feedback and making sure your numbers are counted.


the number of Sowing & Reaping participants since the garden's opening in 2012


Particpated in more than one Sowing & Reaping and Garden open session.


Learned something new that contributed to being a  successful home gardner

Detailed Support and Participation opportunities.

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When you choose one of the links below, you’ll be showing your support and impact specific for our Sowing & Reaping program.  Remember, our goal with this hands-on program is to spread it throughout other Community Gardens, especially those located in food desert communities. Any support you provide helps us get closer to impacting more lives.

Program Sponsor

The Program Sponsor supports the full year of sowing & reaping programming and and communication.  As a program sponsors you will be showcased as the main sponsor of the program. Click here for details.

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