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Beauty's Community Garden is a nonprofit community garden, with a mission to close the gap on food inequities while achieving a community culture of health and well-being.

We're Transforming Food Deserts to Beauty!

Beauty's Community Garden's programs, events, and educational materials focus on breaking the cycle of food insecurity, poor nutrition, and the resulting health outcomes people within communities with limited access to fresh produce experience. These communities are called food deserts. Our garden is located in one of forty plus food deserts in Houston. We are committed to bringing awareness and impacting the lives of the residents in these communities.

2.1 Million 

 People within the U.S. reside in food desert communities.


Reside in one of 40+ food deserts in
Houston, Texas alone.

Health Impact

Poor diet and access to processed foods result in poor health.

Learning about what we eat and where it comes from has a transformative influence on how we grow, feel, and act.

More than giving food that feeds for a day, we teach you how to become your own food source, and the advantages of bringing plant-based foods into your diet, gaining a global, cultural, and scientific appreciation for food, and setting you on a lifetime path of personal, physical, and emotional wellbeing.


Beta vulgaris (beet) is a species of flowering plant in the
subfamily Betoideae of the family Amaranthaceae

  • fertiizer
    Name - Beet (root vegetable)

    The beet is a root vegetable. We learn about its scientific name, botanical classification, variations, and colors.

  • grass
    Culinary Use

    The entire beet plant is edible. The beet-root portion can be boiled, roasted, pureed, and juiced.  We explore recipes and uses in different cultures.  

  • shrub

    1 cup of beets contains lots of vitamins and minerals and is low in calories and fat. (16% of Potassium (518 mg 11% DV), Folate (148 mg / 37% DV), Carbohydrates (natural sugar) 9.2 grams)

  • garden-care
    Beet Cultivation

    A cool season crop (spring & fall) grows easily from seed and loves sun. Harvest 45-65 days. Likes pH between 6.0-7.0 alkaline sandy soil in spring, heavier soil in fall. 

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    Body Benefits

    Beets improve blood flow, lower blood pressure, and increase detoxification enzymes.  Beet juice also helps with inflammation.

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    Origin & History

    Beets originated from the sea beet in the Mediterranean region. The beet root was cultivated in the Middle East in the 8th century B.C. 


“I started volunteering at Beauty’s Garden in 2020 to raise vegetables and work in a garden like I love to do. It’s hard to make new friends in middle age, and to make it worse I came to Houston at the beginning of the pandemic so I was so isolated, living and working alone. There was no where to go! Nothing was open where I could talk to other people! The Garden turned out to be the only place I could bring my mask and interact safely, outdoors, with diverse but like-minded people. We literally have people from age 8 to 80 coming to help every week.  During a time of loneliness and crushing ennui across the country, we’re growing organic food together for the needy, learning about horticulture, and sharing at our potlucks. I hardly know anyone in Houston but my Beauty’s Garden friends are looking forward to seeing me every week.”

Maggie Wineland
New Houstonite

Knowledge is Power!

Root-level transformation happens through discovery, empowerment, and support focused on a path to a healthy and dignified life.

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PROGRAMS: Our programs provide the foundation for our community impact. The Sowing & Reaping and Rooted In Wellness (formally Cooking Healthy) programs are held at the garden and sometimes online. Our Desert to Beauty program expands our community engagement and impact to other 40+ Food Deserts communities.  These programs are just a taste of what to expect. You can learn more about what we're up to by clicking the link below.

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PUBLICATION:  The Green Seedling Magazine, is a seasonal, quarterly, fun-filled, STEAM educational magazine providing engaging family-friendly content. Reinforcing the mission of Beauty's Community Garden, the magazine focuses on becoming your own food source, learning about plant-based foods, and their impact on your physical and emotional wellbeing.

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SUPPORT:  As a non-profit, we count on your support to develop and provide programs, events and food to the community. Our 8th annual PEACE through PIE Community Event & Fundraiser, was held Saturday, January 13, 2024. All funds raised support BCG's mission to teach people to become their own food source while adopting healthy food choices.  We do this by providing our year-round garden and rooted in wellness programs, in addition to youth education.
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