Garden Opportunity Enrichment Zones

Garden Opportunity Enrichment Zones

Support one of our Garden Opportunity Empowerment Zones

It's not just a Vision
It's actually an Expanded Life Experience for our
Youth and Community Members.

What better place to start creating the experience we imagine for our community, then right here at Beauty's Community Garden. Our mission is to create the garden as a go-to culturally rich educational experience for all community garden's to emulate.

As you look over the 18 Opportunity Empowerment Zones, do you see a zone you are interested in making a reality?  Your support to receive the full benefits of an Underwriter of an Opportunity Zone can be either through covering the full identified cost or through providing the full service and materials to complete the zone?  if Yes, Great!  


Complete the form below to mark your commitment. The information collected will also help us accurately market your support.


 If, on the other hand, you have a product or service that isn't a full commitment to complete one of the garden's zones, please click the In-Kind Sponsorship button below to connect to the page on InKind Sponsorship and complete the In-Kind form on that page .

Listing of the Beauty's Community Garden's Opportunity Empowerment Zones!

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Your Support Comes With Benefits

Exposure, Brand Goodwill, and the Impact on the Health and Wellness of Current, and Future Generations!

  • You Get a Garden Sign

    Whether you are donating the funds to help us complete a zone or come in and make it a reality for us, your company will get a sign by the zone you choose.

  • Expanding Your Exposure

    Throughout the year we provide recognition and advertising in our handouts and programs distributed at our events, and year-round Garden and Healthy Cooking classes.

  • Garden's Support Hub

    Name and logo on Beauty's Community Garden's Support hub as the MAIN Sponsor of a Garden Opportunity Empowerment Zone.

  • Recognition

    Recognition on Beauty's Community Garden's Website and through our varied communication and social channels as the MAIN sponsors for a Garden Opportunity Empowerment Zone.

Interest Form 

Let us know you commitment to be a MAIN or PROVIDER of the product and Service to make a Beauty's Community Garden Opportunity Empowerment Zone a reality!